You may have heard the saying “The Devil is in the Detail” and when it comes to residential building and construction this is certainly true. Neglecting the details at the preliminary stages of a building process can have a disastrous impact on the time frame, budget and stress associated with any build.

At IBD we know from experience that investing at the front-end in a detailed and thorough selection process pays dividends throughout the build cycle.  Here are 3 reasons why:

Avoid Budget Blowouts

One of the major causes of budget blowouts is the low-balling of selections at the front-end of a project.  This is a common strategy used by disingenuous builders who purposefully undervalue selections with an aim to win contracts over competitors.  Such items will be listed in the contract as Prime Cost (PC) or Prime Sum (PS) items with an associated allowance. Once contracts are signed and the build is underway the client will then be asked to finalise these items.  PC and PS items can often include floor coverings, flooring, tiles, fixtures, lighting, kitchen cabinetry, benchtops, cladding etc. Unfortunately if the final selections made by the client are over the original allowance they will pay the difference in addition to their original contract and in some cases a variation fee!  This can add significantly to the original tendered price and result in a stressful and frustrating selections process.

By making selections at the preliminary stages of a project these unknown costs and variables can be avoided reducing the likelihood of cost variations and allowing clients to have confidence that the project will stay within budget.


Neglecting the details at the preliminary stages of a building process can have a disastrous impact on the time frame, budget and stress associated with any build.


Avoid Delay

When it comes to successfully timetabling a building project, one of the most important factors to consider is lead time.  Lead time is a measure of the time it takes from when an item is ordered to when it is delivered and ready for installation on site.  Many factors can affect the lead-time of building products including product availability, transportation, weather and demand. If these items are delayed there can be a resulting flow-on effect on site as contractors are pushed back and in turn push back other contractors. Combined a series of small delays can have seriously negative impacts on project timelines and the bottom line.

For this reason when it comes to finish items it is vital that things are ordered as early as possible to ensure a smooth, delay-free, progression on site.


Haste is the enemy of perfection

When it comes to the details haste is the enemy of perfection.  The finished products and selections you make for your home are items you will use and see day in and day out. They will set the tone and mood of the project. In other words they are very very important and you don’t want to be choosing them in a rush.  When these decisions are left to the last minute they are often made in haste and under stressful conditions. A much better approach is to work through a detailed and professional process early on when there is ample time afforded for questions and decision making.

At IBD we have developed thoughtful and thorough processes to ensure that our clients can make their selections early and with confidence. We work in partnership with interior designers, manufacturers and suppliers to provided a high level of design, value and service. If you are building or renovating we would love to hear from you.

Written by James Madigan