In a world where we can literally compare prices and products at the click of a button the idea that someone would charge for a quote may seem ridiculous. However, when it comes to building and renovating, paying for a thorough and professional quote is actually a really, really good idea and here are three reasons why.

1. Good Information Matters

If you are considering spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an investment or future home you need the best information possible to inform your budget and planning.  Without quality information at the outset of a project the chances of the project being delivered on-time and on budget are drastically reduced.

Lets face it, any major building project is a complicated and expensive process involving many parties and moving parts.  Even the most experienced builder cannot provide you with an accurate, carefully considered and fair price without the investment of a significant amount of time and energy.  Paying for a detailed tender means that the builder is able to dedicate the time and resources required to thoroughly and carefully consider the scope and cost of your project.   

If a builder supplies you with a free quote you have less than a 20% chance that the quote will be accurate!

2. Provisional Sums and Price Cost Items Can Cost you

Unfortunately many consumers are unaware of what provisional sums (P.S) and prime costs (P.C) items are and how they can impact a project bottom line.

Essentially P.S and P.C items are the components of a project that can't be quoted at the beginning of a project due to a lack of information.  Builders will usually allocate a certain amount for these items. Unfortunately if these items are low-balled by the builder in an effort to win the tender the client can end up paying significantly more than the contract price.  Time and money invested at the beginning of a project in a professional selection process largely removes the need for P.C and P.S items in the contract reducing the risk of cost blow outs and costly delays.

3. Get the Ground-Works Right

If you have done any building before you may have heard the builder say "once we get out of the ground we will be right".  This is because groundwork’s represents a big unknown for builders, particularly on steep or tricky sites. It is very common for the contract price to be subject to Geo-technical information, surveying and engineering. Getting the numbers wrong in this area can have a huge impact on the project timeline and price.

At IBD we do sometimes provide prospective clients with a free budget estimate at the preliminary stages of a project, however once the general scope of a project has been established we encourage clients to engage us for a detailed tender. This allows us to carefully and thoroughly consider the project. At the end of this process our clients will be provided with a comprehensive quote providing them with certainty and an apples for apples approach to competing tenders.

Written by James Madigan